Day 2: Epicocity’s and Last Descents in Lijang

Preparing to Leave Kunming

So after Travis picked us up from the airport in Kunming yesterday afternoon we headed off to the Last Descents warehouse to pull together a few odds and ends for the upcoming Salween Trip. We decided that after the crew completed the first descent, we’d head off to the Great Bend to do a quick self-support mission down that before we do the main trip the following week. That’s an exciting thought.

Trip and Andy shooting along the way

After pulling together gear and wrapping up a few loose ends yesterday, we began the drive towards Tibet. For 12 hours yesterday, we drove through valleys and passes in the foothills. Really beautiful place. Spring has come here much earlier than Oregon. It’s just after 7 this morning in a city called Lijang and I’m looking forward to stepping outside because I haven’t seen this place in the light. But from the cold, I’m guessing the mountains are close.
Today, we’ll continue driving to and tonight sleep in a town called Dequin (Duh-chin). We’ll check in again tonight as things develop.

Outside Lijang

Listen to the audio update.


~ by epicocity on March 11, 2008.

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