Mekong Day 2

There have been some major changes in the expedition but all is well with the crew. During the last update Trip said that Tibetan officials had denied them access to the Salween drainage in Tibet. While they were not allowed to enter the Salween drainage, they were allowed to stay in Tibet and paddle the Mekong river.

The crew was unaware of the political uprisings occurring in Lahasa and other regions in Tibet. Once I explained the issue the crew expressed concern for the Tibetan people but did not feel as though they were in any danger. New York Times article.

Travis Winn, expedition leader, gave today’s update however the signal was poor and update needed to be done in two segments. Listen to audio update one. Listen to audio update two.
If there are any further questions or concerns about the crew please email me, Jasmine, at The crew will be outside of internet range for approximately the next 10 days.

~ by epicocity on March 15, 2008.

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