Sweet Play on the Lower Salween

Its been a few days since we’ve posted an update, but we’re now on the lower Salween. The sections of river we’ve been running are considerably larger the Yangtze. For Trip and Andy, kayaking on the Salween completes the goal to run sections on all of the Three Parallel Rivers. So, in addition to some midnight boating and a few volunteer beat downs in thumping holes, we’ve been taking laps on two different sections. These photos are from a wave at the take out of the lower run. That’s Trip in the red boat and Adam in the yellow. After this session, our crew of ten, that included our friends from the states Leif Karlstom, Jana Broadhurst, Ann Mills of American Rivers and Lexi Tuddenham, split up to head back to the states or continue on their travels through Asia. For the next few days, the plan for the five of us is to do some more boating in a national park upstream on the Salween then head back to the Yangtze to wrap up boating here in China. Its been an amazing ride so far and I suspect the next few weeks will be no different.
Stay tuned, Trip’s working on some updates on the Great Bend trip and we’ll keep cycling photos and post through on our work here on the Salween.


~ by epicocity on April 23, 2008.

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