Epicocity Project on Chinese TV

A field team from the Phoenix Network in China met up with us yesterday to film an episode for their program, Jiang He Sui (loosely translated -River River Water). Three Beijing based production teams travel throughout China investigating dam projects and their effects on people and the environment. They’re supported by local branches of the global conservation groups, Conservation International and the Nature Conservancy. This is a very controversial show given the sensitivity of this topic in China and the level of government censorship.

The topic of the episode was the work that Travis Winn and the Epicocity Project are doing through Last Descents, the China Rivers Project and Rivers in Demand. We took them rafting on a section of the Salween River that flows through a recently established national park, stopping at a riverside village along the way to experience the local Nu culture. People really begin to internalize the importance and power of rivers when they float down them – a phenomenon we hope they will be able to express through their show.

It was fun to see how directly their work aligns with our projects and that Phoenix is willing to air such controversial, but important, stories in China. The show is available to most cable subscribers, all owners of satellite dishes and is exported to several markets around the world with high concentrations of Chinese viewers. We’ll hopefully be able to stream the show through our website after it airs in July, so stay tuned.




~ by epicocity on April 25, 2008.

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