Finding Whitewater on the River of Doubt

The EP team is finally hitting some whitewater in Brazil this week! After a slow start to the trip, the crew is paddling hard to make up miles in search of more rapids and monster fish. Track their progress on the Expedition Live site.

The team is following the paddle strokes of Teddy Roosevelt’s 1914 expedition down a river — once called the River Of Doubt — now renamed the Rio Roosevelt. This stretch of river is nearly inaccessible because of its remote location and rapids that prevent navigation. Roosevelt’s expedition was forced to portage many large rapids and nearly lost much of the team. So far, EP’s team of explorers and scientists had to make one 5-hour portage around a rapid too burly for the rafts to take.

Yikes! A face only a mother could love... The EP team will encounter Piranhas and other fish with big teeth on their descent of the River of Doubt.

Roosevelt also wrote about a giant fish on his expedition. The EP crew’s goal in Brazil is to complete a biodiversity inventory of the river and to find and document the giant fish written about by Roosevelt, before a proposed dam changes the ecosystem forever.

The expedition’s scientists has a huge advantage over Roosevelt’s team with modern whitewater rafting equipment and EP’s experienced expedition paddlers to ensure a safe 300-kilometer descent of the River of Doubt and access to this remote ecosystem.


~ by epicocity on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Finding Whitewater on the River of Doubt”

  1. Your River of Doubt article was awesome. Whitewater Kayaks at their best!

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