Flathead Wild: Protecting One Of North America’s Wildest Valleys

© Garth Lenz, iLCP

A little more than a week ago, our newest film Flathead Wild debuted at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Our goal, when we made the film, was to spread its message far and wide to protect the Flathead. Since it’s debut, we’ve been working to do just that. So, help us keep it up!

Check out Planet Green’s slideshow of gorgeous photos from the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP).

© Joe Riis, iLCP

And read more about the film and the people working to protect the Flathead on Elephant Journal:

“Change is inevitable, but we have the opportunity here to protect an irreplaceable wildland and natural resource. If we let the Flathead fall to mining pressures — we will never be able to bring it back,” said Ryland Nelson, the Southern Rockies program coordinator of Wildsight. “With a free-flowing, pristine river and the highest concentration of inland grizzlies in North America, the Flathead Valley is one of the most biologically important places on earth — we have to act now for our environment, wildlife and present and future generations.”

Watch the film and pass it on! Take action TODAY!


~ by epicocity on January 25, 2010.

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