Run Rogue, Run

Wild Rogue River. Photo © Crag Law Center

Oregon’s Rogue River is famous for it’s world-class rapids, salmon and stunning beauty. In 2008, we joined American Rivers to to investigate serious threats from a proposal to log forests along its tributaries.

Check out our film Run Rogue, Run to learn more.

Going Rogue In A Meaningful Way

John Kitzhaber and Bill Bradbury (both running in the 2010 Governor race) voiced their opinion in the Oregonian on Saturday:

The need to protect this wild river and its valuable fish runs is clear. The increasingly obvious link between attractive, healthy public lands and the well-being of surrounding communities makes such protections even more compelling. These “gateway communities” provide food, lodging and other services for visitors, but also offer an enhanced quality of life to residents due to their location near natural resource areas. The well-being of these communities is at risk if the natural resources they depend on are threatened.

As stewards of the environment and creators of history, we must take swift action to safeguard one of the West’s most iconic rivers and its salmon. We encourage the Oregon delegation to make the Lower Rogue legislation a priority and pass it during this Congress. The Rogue is a testament to America’s rich natural history, and it is up to us to secure this wealth for future generations.

Read the rest of their opinion…

Urge your Oregon Representative to pass Lower Rogue legislation.


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