B.C. Bans Mining In The Flathead Valley!

© Justin Black, iLCP

The Province of British Columbia announced a ban on all mining, oil and gas development in British Columbia’s Flathead River Valley yesterday.

From Earthjustice:

The Flathead Valley in southern Canada is home to grizzly bears, lynx and wolverines, and rare native trout. The valley and its river continue into Glacier National Park and parts of the Flathead National Forest, which provide some protections on the U.S. side. A great concern was the impact of mining in the river’s Canadian headwaters, where the spoils of proposed mountaintop removal mining would have been dumped. That threat now is over.

Earthjustice attorney Tim Preso said that what’s been saved is “a treasure more precious than coal or gold.” And we couldn’t agree more.

We filmed the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) as they descended on the Flathead River Valley for a R.A.V.E. — a rapid assessment visual expedition. Along with local conservation groups, they captured breathtaking and iconic images of the ecosystem. iLCP used these images to act as tools for the Flathead Wild coalition to help tip the scales in favor of protection and conservation. It worked!

From Flathead Wild:

“This is an important announcement,” John Bergenske, executive director of Wildsight said. “We applaud the government for doing the right thing for the Flathead River Valley. It’s a giant step, it’s in the right direction.“…

“It is the right move for the government to make. Now we’re looking for them to complete the package—by creating a wildlife management area that protects connectivity and by establishing a national park—so the core values of the Flathead River Valley are protected for all Canadians and the world,” said Sarah Cox, Sierra Club BC spokesperson.

Congratulations to the Flathead Wild Coalition! We are proud to have worked to help protect this spectacular place.

Stay tuned on the campaign to turn the Flathead a national part at Flathead Wild.


~ by epicocity on February 10, 2010.

One Response to “B.C. Bans Mining In The Flathead Valley!”

  1. Excellent news. Congratulations to EP and all those involved in the effort.

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