Rivers in Demand PDX Film Night TONIGHT!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day folks! Join us for some adventure and inspiration to kick off your night right!

When: March 17, 630-9PM. Arrive early to chat with the filmmakers & snag raffle tickets for some sweet gear! Films begin promptly at 7PM.

Where: Hollywood Theatre — 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, PDX

Tickets: $8, purchase online: www.hollywoodtheatre.org

Here’s what the Willamette Week has to say about it…

WW PickRivers in Demand

[ONE NIGHT ONLY] It’s hard to watch adventure documentaries without getting gobsmacked by alternating waves of skepticism and bitter envy. You wonder: Isn’t it hypocritical to decry climate change as you hopscotch around the globe in carbon-spewing planes and SUVs? And then you wonder: Damn, how did they get this gig? The Epicocity Project, founded by former pro kayaker Trip Jennings, is a Portland-based outdoor media company that focuses on whitewater kayaking. EP’s latest undertaking is called Rivers in Demand, in which a whitewater A-Team runs rivers through areas that are threatened by logging or climate change. The expedition travels to the source of  each endangered river before paddling down. In the case of the Pandi River in Papua New Guinea, this entails a technical descent through endless limestone caverns. In Bolivia, they summit a glacier near La Paz. In both cases, they navigate previously uncharted Class V rapids, shooting through chutes and narrow gorges. Once, they nearly lose a team member when he is ripped from his kayak while plunging down a 50-foot waterfall. No matter your feelings on eco-tourism, the vistas that the team paddles through are mind-blowing, exquisite. And the team’s dedication to the project is unquestionable. It’s hard to look like a badass when your tiny, apple-red kayak is stuck between two trees, or when your buddy has to bandage your giant, stinky foot for you. Our advice? Withhold judgment and enjoy the ride. Oh, and take a shorter shower tomorrow morning. ADRIENNE SO. Hollywood Theatre. 7 pm Wednesday, March 17.


~ by epicocity on March 17, 2010.

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