Monster Fish: Jungle Catfish Premiere on August 2

The team rafting down the Rio Roosevelt. © Kyle Dickman, Epicocity Project

Last year, we joined up with National Geographic Monster Fish guru Zeb Hogan and a team of scientists to explore a remote 400-mile-long river — the River of Doubt (now called the Rio Roosevelt) in southwestern Brazil. Our mission: catch some of the huge fish, and paddle the big whitewater, that Teddy Roosevelt first described during his exploration of this Amazon tributary in 1914.

From a National Geographic press release:

They’ll have to navigate Class V rapids, avoid potentially violent tribesmen and survive in one of the most unforgiving places on the planet. The team hopes to find giant piranhas, painted catfish and perhaps even a new species of fish unknown to science.

Now it’s time to watch the adventure! Mark your calendars folks, Monster Fish: Jungle Catfish is premiering on August 2, 10pm EST/ 9pm CDT/ 8pm MST/ 10pm PCT. If you’re one of the many journeying to Outdoor Retailer next week, join us for a beer and watch the premiere at 8 p.m. MT at Lumpys 145 W Pierpont Ave.

Check out the trailer and make sure to tune in!

EP's Andy Maser takes on some big whitewater on the Rio Roosevelt. © Adam Mills Elliot


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  1. […] Monday, August 2, 10 p.m. East Coast time (or 9 p.m. Central; 8 p.m. Mountain; 10 p.m. West Coast). Premiere party at Lumpy’s in Salt Lake City with Confluence, NRS and the Epicocity Project. Our first camp on Cinta Larga land. © Adam Mills […]

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