Enter the KEEN and Canoekayak.com Portage Photo Contest!

Papua New Guinea © Matt Fields Johnson

We’ve all been there. With sweet, sweet whitewater just out of our reach, it’s not uncommon to undertake an epic and arduous portage to reach a quality put in… On our expedition to Papua New Guinea, we never would have found our way through the steep, twisted jungle without the help of locals. And hiring local guides to carry our boats was part of the deal. They came up with their own awesome way of hauling them around — lash each one to a small tree with vines.

We all know good whitewater isn’t easy to get to. Have a good story of how you reached your awesome destination? The folks from KEEN and Canoe & Kayak want to know!

From CanoeKayak.com:

Sometimes the carry is the crux. That’s why KEEN and Canoe and Kayak magazine are teaming up for the first annual Portage Photo Contest. Did a log ruin your rapid? Does a sieve make that cataract really suck? Or maybe you just had to carry your canoe between lakes? Send us your best photos featuring the hardest portages on the planet – from the Boundary Waters to the High Sierra – and a description of the epic. Or maybe just portage photos that feature something funny or outlandish with a tale you think is worth telling for the pure joy of being out there. We’ll line all the pics up in a bracket (think March Madness) and Canoekayak.com readers will have a chance to vote on their favorite photo. The top three photos at the end of the tournament will receive free KEEN water shoes and a free subscription to Canoe and Kayak magazine plus the winner gets $100 towards the next shuttle. Please email your photo and a short 100-word essay describing the portage to letters@canoekayak.com by August 1, 2010.

~ by epicocity on July 28, 2010.

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