Stories From The River Of Doubt: Tune In To Nat Geo August 2

Brazilian scientist Flavio Lima setting up camp midway through our journey down the Rio Roosevelt. © Adam Mills Elliot

Our last night on the river, we camped at the edge of Cinta Larga land and we saw members of the tribe for the first time. Tattooed from head to toe, they still have their traditional bow and arrow hunting weapons — the tips of arrows were stained with blood and the feathers on the back of the arrows were brightly colored from birds in the jungle. They were welcoming — friendly enough. More than we could ask for after the conflict they’ve been through and still have in their region.

The Cinta Larga land is rich with diamonds, so we don’t have to tell you that they’ve been inundated with prospectors searching for these valuable stones. In 2004, the tribe had enough and massacred 29 diamond miners. We were the first non-natives who have been granted permission to enter this land since a conflict in 2004.

Tune in to the National Geographic Channel for the whole story. Monster Fish: Jungle Catfish premieres Monday, August 2, 10 p.m. East Coast time (or 9 p.m. Central; 8 p.m. Mountain; 10 p.m. West Coast). Premiere party at Lumpy’s in Salt Lake City with Confluence, NRS and the Epicocity Project.

Our first camp on Cinta Larga land. © Adam Mills Elliot


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