Telling the Story of the Snake River’s One of a Kind Salmon

Shooting endangered wild spring chinook at sunset on Marsh Creek. © Emily Nuchols

EP has joined up with Save Our Wild Salmon to tell the story of the Snake River’s one-of-a-kind salmon — a group of fish that swim further and climb higher than any other salmon in the world.

For the last week, we’ve been on the ground exploring this rugged, mountain habitat that a select population of Snake River salmon call home and hanging out with people on the ground in Idaho who are working to save them.

Snorkeling and filming sockeye salmon on their last push to Redfish Lake. © Emily Nuchols

After snorkeling and filming sockeye making their last push to the legendary Redfish Lake and capturing spawning wild chinook from the banks of Marsh Creek, Andy said, “I feel so incredibly lucky. I certainly hope that this opportunity to get up close and personal and document their final journey home will help ensure their return from the Endangered Species List.”

Watch a quick teaser of our film about Snake River salmon’s epic migration and then take action to save them.


~ by epicocity on August 18, 2010.

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