China Expedition Team

Trip Jennings (25): Trip Jennings is a professional kayaker and founder of the Epicocity Project. He has led whitewater first descents and expeditions in seven countries on three continents. The National Geographic Society recently awarded Trip the Adventure of the Year for his work on the first leg of Rivers in Demand in Papua New Guinea. Trip’s previous films have been selected into the Banff Film Festival’s World Tour, Telluride Film Festival and aired by National Geographic. Trip lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Kyle Dickman (24): Kyle Dickman is a producer with the Epicocity Project and a freelance writer. His work has been published by National Geographic Adventure; he regularly contributes to Canoe and Kayak magazine and frequently covers environmental issues in the American west for Forest magazine. The Sierra Club has endorsed Kyle’s work in documentary film. Kyle has kayaked, climbed and traveled in more than twenty different countries. He lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Andy Maser (23): Andy Maser is a professional kayaker and producer with the Epicocity Project. Andy recently finished second in the collegiate nationals for kayaking and just completed a two-month tour promoting safe whitewater kayaking across the US. He has produced documentary films about Columbia and been a key member of four international kayaking expeditions. Andy lives in Portland, Oregon.

Travis Winn (23):Travis Winn grew up with an oar in his hand and an eye on the walls of the Grand Canyon. His childhood spent rafting the Colorado prepared him to lead eleven major exploratory expeditions in China, and gave him the tools to help build a conservation movement in one of the world’s fastest evolving nations. In 2006, Winn co-founded China’s first multi-day rafting company and nine months later established the China Rivers Project, a non-profit organization with the goal of using multi-day river trips to inspire rethinking of how rivers are used. His goals are ambitious. He wants his river trips to effect systemic change in Chinese environmental policy. Travis’s work has been featured by Men’s Journal, Canoe and Kayak and Paddler Magazine as well as China Central Television.

Adam Elliot (28): Adam Elliott, architect, photographer, 8 year Grand Canyon River Guide, globetrotter, is currently living in New York City. Adam has been part of two major exploratory kayak expeditions in China. In 2005, Adam designed a small campus in Kunming, China for a potential “Institute of Sustainability”. He is a principle partner of “The Fifth Frame”, a photography and design studio in Brooklyn, NY. His images have appeared in The New York Times, Outside Magazine China, and Yunnan Daily Post. Adam shot all photos from China that appear on this site.


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